Building Management Capabilities of Small and Medium sized Companies

The research focus of the BMC group is on building management capabilities so as to improve SMEs’ management practice and performance. Though each of the team members works on individual contributions, the common denominator of all the projects is the focus on the improvement of management practice of SMEs from different perspectives: performance measurement, organizational communication, leadership and organizational change. Our ambition is to use insights and findings from research to improve our educational programme at RBS.

Maura’s research focuses on organizational communication, in particular, leadership communication and strategic dialogue for innovation and growth. It explores the repertoire of approaches to internal organizational communication which are utilized at different stages in the innovation cycle and uses these findings to develop state-of-the-art courses in leadership and professional development for students in the International Business and Management Studies programme in RBS.

Challenges of companies (especially SMEs) and organizations in the field of performance improvement are the focus of Biljana’s research. This research explores the design and implementation of performance measurement systems as an integral part of strategic management of SMEs. It looks into ways in which performance measurement can be used to help SMEs increase shared understanding of the company and its direction, support the development of the innovation capability and learning and consequently improve performance. The goal is to use research findings to advise SMEs on the design and implementation of strategic performance measurement systems that would lead to the improvement of their performance.

In the last year, we have designed new courses, such as a special elective for students to accompany research lecturers on data-gathering exercises and the Leadership and Professional Development course; produced new teaching materials, such as case studies and material for business simulations in leadership communication; and presented a joint paper at a leading organization studies conference, which has further advanced both research and practice in performance measurement.

Biljana Pesalj

PhD in Performance measurement and Management Control

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Maura Walsh

MA Advanced Organizational Change and Consulting, The Tavistock Institute/London City Business School.

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Nicole Osentoski-Monsma