Introducing the Intercultural Education Development (IED) research group

The Intercultural Education Development (IED) team specializes in two research themes: intercultural competences and cultural diversity. The team consist of four researchers: Cheryl Gerretsen, Jessica Shinnick, Koen van der Kooy and Christophe Van Puymbroeck. Each researcher has their own area of expertise and interest within the broad field of intercultural competences and cultural diversity and is involved in a number of individual research projects.

Koen works on the measurability of internationalization and intercultural competencies. Christophe’s current research projects focus on (1) the relationship between language proficiency, study performance and the development of intercultural communication competences and (2) on the determinants of successful entrepreneurship within a multicultural and metropolitan setting. Jessica’s research interest is in the area of curriculum development, related to the education of intercultural competencies, using cultural sensitivity assessment as input for this task. Cheryl holds two research project on pedagogical interventions in the higher education multicultural classroom.

Moreover the researchers of the IED team regularly joins forces in larger research projects. One of them includes an exploratory study into the attitudes of Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs and recruitment specialists towards cultural diversity as a potential driver of innovation. Furthermore the IED team provides trainings, presentations and workshops on the topic of diversity and intercultural competences to students, lecturers and management. This way their aim is the further integrate intercultural competences in the curriculum of the Rotterdam Business School.

Christophe Van Puymbroeck

Cheryl Gerretsen

Jessica Shinnick

Koen van der Kooij