RBS research

Building a nexus between Business, Education, and Research

Research electrifies. Ideally, research should be the linking pin between different fields of everyday life. It should supply incentives for teaching, innovation, policy, social dynamics, reflection in media and the public sphere – and, eventually, it should make people think (and act) differently. In a nutshell, research should serve as a nexus, as an “important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things”. The Research Platform at Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School was launched in March 2014 to trigger off a new dynamic between various stakeholders in- and outside the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area. First of all it should improve the education. More and better research in all courses. More colleagues and more student get involved in all fields of research. It should lead to an enduring interaction between the following three domains: business, education, and Research. Business practice can be improved by introducing new research findings and by helping companies in solving issues. Confronting students and teaching staff with the vicissitudes of business reality will provide stimuli to design up-to-date education programmes. And by involving external shareholders into research and education chances for grassroot policy will grow. The Research Platform at Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School wants to contribute concretely to the following thematic fields: circular economy, intercultural Education Development, Building Management Capacities, and CSR. The network society we are living in requires that we tear down walls between domains that have until now operated separately. Western societies can only enhance their vitality and resilience by promoting the collective use of human resources and by bringing parties together that usually do not mingle. The platform members invite you to join our research programs. Students, lecturers, companies: all most welcome! We love to see what we can do for you. Underneath you can see an impression of last years event: at the RDM campus the platform members gave interactive presentations.

These are our research groups