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We are all familiar with the daily overload of information we receive through various resources: colleagues, internet, e-mail, etc.


This website is to inform you about our activities and progress of our research project.

Also, I would like to give you a regular update of information with respect to circular economy that may be interesting to read. However, recognizing the first statement I will try to be brief.

And some info about my vision on education!

First of all, for the CE team the main priority of the first three months is the ERASMUS+ grant. We were not successful the first time, but after comments from the Nuffic and a meeting of one and a half hour with an expert from the Nuffic in January 2016, we think there is sufficient ground re-apply (deadline March 31, 2016). For that we have intensified contact with our partners which will result in a meeting, discussing a renewed application.

No guarantees, but for sure this will raise our odds for approval.


Also it is good to note that other institutions of HRO take up the concept of CE; as illustrated by a minor project, in which a student from IBL works within a team of students from EAS on a ‘Circular Chair’ project. Also, I have given a one day workshop for minor students from COM.


I will limit myself with two interesting documents:circular economy


One, we are one of the 100 network universities of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. If you follow this link you can have a look which other (prestigious) universities are in this list and what their focus is:


Two, financing new CE business models is still in its infancy and a lot of innovation has to be done. The ING bank has produced an interesting document in which there objective was:

to identify the business opportunities of the circular economy.

to explore differences in business models between traditional and circular businesses.

to explore its impact on banking activities.

It is nice to learn how a big bank looks at this new concept and where they think opportunities (for them) will emerge.

You can download it by following this link:



Cor van Leeuwen