Peter Anker goes circular: CBM team

Contribution to education: I work as a research lecturer on various education-related projects and actively involved students and colleagues into his research. I substantially contributed to the development of the minor “Circular Economy in the cloud” (designed by the CBM team and Rink Weijs) as well as to its organization by supervising student project groups. By doing this he managed to gain new partner companies that offer new opportunities to RBS, such as e.g. business cases, placements, thesis projects, and excursions. Both students and companies are increasingly interested in participating in our minor. Strikingly, students outside the minor also showed vivid interest: More than 200 “outside” students followed guest lectures in the field of Circular Economy. The input for the curriculum has been delivered in various fields. The first example is the Fast Track program. Its content and context were directly inspired by the results of the research. New business models, new projects, and new didactic approaches were incorporated into the Fast Track. Best practices may be used for changes in curricula of other courses.
Better education / research / valorisation: to get an impression how these elements all fit together, watch this short video.  This is great.

February 29th 2016: To get an impression of the lunch lecture ‘Circular Economy: What’s in it for you! Please take a look at our presentation. More info: 20160129_Poster_L&L_Circular EconomyDEF

March 2016: An interview with the BBC radio! With student Furkan Cayci, student Master Finance and Accountancy. What is your opinion of the Brexit, please listen! Part 1 and part 2.

Thursday June 23st interview about the Brexit for Radio Rijnmond. I have made the wrong prediction. Their out. Radio Rijnmond makes very nice radio! Please listen!

Sustainable Built Environment 2016: Transition Zero − SBE16: Yes! I have delivered a speech at this conference and contributed with a paper. Lets make our cities more sustainable! Up to a new economy: Circular Economy.


The question is: What kind of research do I do? I teach, I educate, I do everything for the students to improve their courses. This is my goal. All research is done with students to give them the skills to do research indepedently.

Right now we do research at:

Triade Party Rent. A company in Maarssen, that wants to be even more sustainable. Quite a challenge for our students.Is it possible for this company to make the transition from ownership of all kind of products to usership. If this is possible it will be come without any doubt a gamechanger.

Afvalzorg Assendelft: Students have worked for this company, very challenging subject what to do with all the rest products of burned waste, what is the value of fly ashe. An impression of their work. Or take a look on the site of the company for more info about the project!IMG_1146

Eddyboy: Students introduce this environmental friendly product for restaurants who use now patio heating. This product will reduce the CO2 emission.

Libbey: Students do research for this company how this company can make the transition to circular. Complex and challenging.

Circellab: Students do research for this organisation how to make steps in Dordrecht to a circular economy.

Research became also visible via the project After a feasibility research, the RBS,, and the Media Markt have started a common project, which became increasingly popular. All first year students of RBS are involved. Colleagues of IBL use this project for their module marketing research. Please join us in this project! More discount for students, more entrepreneurial spirit in the courses!

Innovative financing (crowdfunding etc.): Last year I gave guest lectures for all minor+ programs, input for the master program, and thesis projects for master students. Research knowledge was also shared with SMEs via the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce. I have made lecture material: a video about crowdfunding in practise. Feel free to use. 

Rijnmond TV has made a very nice video about crowdfunding in Rotterdam. This video is used often in classes. Very practical! Great to contribute.


Entrepreneurship: more and better!

Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), developed and organized by the undersigned, should make hundreds of students enthusiastic for setting up their own business. Last year we started in the RBS with the Global Entrepreneurship Week in PodiumO950. Was such a great success that some students said that it was one of their best days in University.

For an impression of last year

In the same vein joint research with Arie de Wild in the field of entrepreneurship resulted into tools that may give a boost to the entrepreneurial spirit of students,

I am an active valorization manager of entrepreneurship. Which means to integrate entrepreneurship more systematically into current and future RBS curricula. Research has to be done what the most effective way is to improve the entrepreneurial spirit of students, an impression of how this research is conducted, take a look at the lunch lecture on the topic of entrepreneurship.

For colleagues and students I organise guestlectures to get the entrepreneurial spirit! An example with Durk Jan de Bruijn, a sequent entrepreneur.

Incubator Academy

 The incubator academy is an initiative of two institutes of Rotterdam University to give students the opportunity to start their own company in a great workspace: Bierstraat 123c and Cambridge Innovation Centre in Rotterdam . Students follow a training program and work for their own company. The company should be innovative and scalable in the future.  In this environment student entrepreneurs work together in a community of students and entrepreneurs to scale their company to the level of a real profitable business. Students are guided by a coach and can write your thesis for your own business. The coaching will follow the principles of the lean start up method of failing fast and continually learning. Learn more: watch this video!

More info: please send me an email.

Contribution to research with the CBM members:

  • Peter has contributed to the development and  execution of the minor program.
  • With Cor van Leeuwen, Peter organized in November the conference “Circular Economy in the HBO” in Utrecht.
  • The paper “Circulaire Economie en de optiestrategie”, jointly developed with Erasmus University, will be presented next year at the international conference of Circular Economy and subsequently be published.

Please contact me for more information:

Peter Anker